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America is most definately on the Decline as a World Power

It is bad enough that the United States of America terrorizes other nations, kills the leaders of free countries, and pushes thier "DemonCrafty" (Democracy) agenda in order to opress and gain resources and advantages that do not belong to those who seek after these things. But when this nation fully accepts same-sex marriage, the nations end will surely follow. Since ancient times, no nation has maintained it's power or glory upon accepting and promoting the homosexual agenda. This sends a clear message to Hebrews to "Come out of this Babylon" and also shows how the father will use all of the wicked rulers' craftiness to ensnare and dissasemble them. The homosexuals in high Government down to the common man who embraces the Gay lifestyle may be very excited about this news, but it is a short lived excitment. When standing face-to-face with the King who is King of the Universe, whose commandments have been disregarded and broken, what will the sinner and the…

S.F. Circumcision Ban Is a Bad Idea But It Could Still Become Law

If you were not aware of what is going on this year here is a very good article and a matter of prayer for Hebrew people. It concerns the covenant that Yahuwah made with our father Avraham concerning the covenant of circumcision. Please follow the link:Circumcision threatend in California So now that we are in the Gregorian calendar year of 2011 and the Jewish year 5771. The United States has decided to end a biblical covenant of circumcision that Yahuwah made with our forefather Avraham. This law is proposing fines and imprisonment for cicumcizing our male children according to Hebrew custom.  The people who are protesting this loudly are Jews and Moslims.

This sounds like what the Hebrews faced during the time of Antiochus Epiphanes in 1 Maccabees 1:41-48. "Moreover king Antiochus wrote to his whole kingdom, that all should be one people,  And every one should leave his laws: so all the heathen agreed according to the commandment of the king. Yea, many also of the Israelites c…

The Western Wall (Ha-Kote Ha-Ma'aravil) What remains of the Last Temple

The Western Wall (Ha-Kotel Ha-Ma'aravi) in Jerusalem is the holiest of Jewish sites, sacred because it is a remnant of the Herodian retaining wall that once enclosed and supported the Second Temple. It has also been called the "Wailing Wall" by European observers because for centuries Jews have gathered here to lament the loss of the temple. (Biblical Hebrews were not able to come because of their captivity. Only in more recent years have Hebrews been able to come to Israel to see what remains of their last temple.)

The Western Wall Plaza, the large open area that faces the Western Wall, functions as an open-air synagogue that can accommodate tens of thousands of worshipers. Prayers take place here day and night, and special services are held here as well.
HistoryThe Western Wall was built by King Herod in 20 BC during his expansion of the Temple enclosure, and is part of a retaining wall that enclosed the western part of Temple Mount. According to the Roman-Jewish histo…

Hebrew Names of Days and Months

The language of Hebrew (both ancient and modern) tends to be rather simplistic in its structure and use. This article discusses the names (or rather the lack thereof in most cases) of the weekdays and the months. . - Info Page+