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Shabbat Shalom- The Upcoming Presidential Election November 8, 2016

Its good to be back with a better more focused understanding of the things that pertain to we the Hebrew people in the Diaspora.

Ok I want to talk to you about the upcoming presidential election in the United States of America and what it could mean for today's Hebrew population. First this election seems very, very strange indeed. It appears on the surface that we have two completely unqualified persons running for office. We have Hillary Clinton running as the overly popular Democratic nominee with the media all but declaring her the official winner and newly elected president of the United States of America with very strong globalist ideas. What she brings to the table is  more of what we already have, more lies and more promises to keep the status quo and more oppression to third world nations who do not want to fall in line with the "democratic" (Demon City) way of life.

Then on the other hand we have Donald Trump running as the unlikely, unsupported candidate of t…