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The difference between Hebrews & Modern Jews

As we approach the year 2012, something very wonderful is happeing faster than a person has a chance to understand it. It's happening to people who have been called, "African Americans" and not just African Americans only, but this phenomenon is happing simultaneously all over the world in, India, South American, Europe, and Africa.
So, just what is going on? Well, seemingly, almost overnight, many people of color are simply starting to " wake up to the reality that we are the hebrew decendants written in scripture". Since I live in the United States, I will focus on what is happening here! Everyday, more and more African American's, Hispanics and Native American are starting to declare that they just awoke from a slumber and are studying the scriptures to discover that they fit in every detail, the of the conditions that are found in Deuteronomy 28 and Leviticus 26. 
When those scriptures are looked at carefully and slowly it is obvious that the Most High…