The History of Ethiopian Jewry

Piecing together legends and stories.
By Atira Winchester

A Jewish community in Ethiopia--the Beta Israel (House of Israel)--has existed for at least 15 centuries.

Because of low literacy levels, a tendency to rely on oral traditions, and nomadic lifestyles among most Ethiopians prior to the 20th century, historic material about this community is scant and unreliable. However, a tentative story can be pieced together from written records of Ethiopian rulers as well as testimony from the Beta Israel themselves.

Origins of the Community
Most likely, the Beta Israel arrived in Ethiopia between the first and sixth centuries, coming as merchants or artisans from various countries in the region.

Scholars once believed that during the Middle Ages the Beta Israel were a homogeneous group living under unified, autonomous Jewish rule. Yet new discoveries have shown that the truth is far more complex. It seems the Ethiopian Jewish community was for the most part fragmented both physically and religiously, with each Beta Israel village appointing its own spiritual and secular leaders. There was little contact between Beta Israel communities, and usually no overarching leadership uniting them.

Sometimes the Beta Israel were treated well by the Ethiopian monarchy, but at other times they suffered persecution. Many fellow Ethiopians refer to the Beta Israel as falasha (a derogatory term meaning outsider), In 1624, the ruling king's army captured many Ethiopian Jews, forced them to be baptized, and denied them the right to own land. According to local legend, some members of the Beta Israel chose suicide over conversion
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It is amazing that whenever a person of dark color is concerned, they are always written of in a slightly negative, if not fully negative light. That is why we need more Hebrew writers telling our story so that we can get a better understanding of the truth. That is my personal Opinion. Blessings and Shalom!


Anonymous said…
I remember the story of the Falasha jews being airlifted (1985 Operation Moses) out of the war torn areas because they were starving; famous "American jews" got involved in this airlift mission as well. The curses of (Deut 28)are alive and well because they were forceid to convert to pagan religions by "converts." They still are not considered citizens and are continually scorned and kept out real jobs and education opportunities.

The parallels between the Flashas and "us" is interesting.The article points out that the Falashas are not unified. Considering their condition; how can they be? Their condition is purposeful, just like "ours" but they are unified in knowing who they are. They were unified when the Italian army tried force them into a false brand of democracy. They are to many of us unknowingly an inspiration to stand against tiranny. As the Most High continues to wake us up we will make that stand again. Calling us the by-words and proverbs has disassociated us from our land, each other and heritage, but the Most High is collecting his scattered to bring into the wilderness for safety. Even the oppressors deceits and lies can not stop the prohecies of the Most High.

Amos 9:7
Isaiah 11,19

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Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2004/01/09 08:59:12 GMT

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