Mal. 3:6 tells us that YAHUWAH does not change.

Heb. 13:8 tells us the same thing about Yahushuah.

Isa. 8:20 tells us that if people do not speak in accordance with the law and the testimony then there is no light in them, Also see John 7:16.

Hosea 4:6 tells us that if you reject His knowledge, YAHUWAH will reject you. And if you forget His laws, He will forget your children.

Prov. 28:9 tells us that he who refuses to listen to YAHUWAH’s laws, even his prayers is an abomination.

Ps 119:118 tells us that those who stray from YAHUWAH’s statutes, YAHUWAH rejects.

Deut. 18:18, 19 is a prophecy about the coming of Yahushuah, a Prophet like unto Moses, and that YAHUWAH shall cause Him to speak His words-His laws and His testimony (Isa.8:20). See also John 7:16-19, Isa. 48:16-19, Matt 7:21, Luke 22:42, John 6:38, Rom. 12:2, Heb. 13:20, 21. What is Yahushuah love? It was doing the will of His Father. See also Ex 25:16, 21, 31:18, II Chron. 23:11, John 3:32-34.

Acts 13:42, 43 tells us that the Gentiles also kept the Seventh-day Sabbath, even though they were “under grace.” And take note that no one “corrected them on this, for it was in keeping with all the testimonies of Yahushuah and the Apostles.

Luke 16:17 tells us it is easier for Heaven and Earth to pass away than for one tittle of the law to pass, or fail, or for that matter to be annulled or rescinded.

Matt. 5:17-19 and Rom. 13:8-10 tells us that YAHUWAH’s laws and commandments are the same thing.

I John 34 tells us that sin and lawlessness are the same thing. Rom. 6:23 tells us that the wages of sin is death.

James 2:10, 11 tells us that if you transgress in just one point of the law then you are guilty of breaking the whole law. This is Satan’s greatest trick-to get us to believe that if we break just a minor one, we will be ok. This also is the deception of replacing YAHUWAH’s chosen day of worship, and the malignancy behind it.

I John 5:2, 3 tells us that this is how we know we love YAHUWAH, that we keep His commandments.

I Peter 2:21 tells us that The Meshiac is our example, and we should follow Him, Also see john 15:10.

Matt. 5 17-20 tell us that Yahushuah did not come to end, destroy or abolish the law, but rather to fulfill it.

Rom. 8:1-4 tells us that if you are in The Meshiac, then you also will fulfill the righteous requirements of the law. Verses 5-9 tell us that the carnally minded cannot keep the laws of YAHUWAH. Now, while Rom. 8:3 and 3:20 tell us that we are not saved by the works of the law.

Rom. 4:1-4 tells us, particularly in verse 4, that we do not do such works to be saved, but rather out of debt, because we have been saved.

Matt 7:21-23 tells us that Yahushuah will reject those who practice lawlessness, on judgment day.

Matt. 24:20 tells us that The Meshiac still expected people to be keeping the seventh-day Sabbath even in the future, so this passage speaks about the destruction of Jerusalem, which didn’t happen until 70 A.D.

Rom 3:31 tells us that the law is not made void by faith or grace.

Rom. 3:19-22 tells us that we are saved by faith, not by the works of the law, but this does not make void the law, or in other words, it does not mean that the law doesn’t not apply-verse 31.

Rev. 12:17, 14:12 and 22:14 tell us that those who overcome the Devil will be those who keep the commandments of YAHUWAH and have the testimony or faith of Yahushuah.

Luke 18:18-23 tells us that Yahushuah did teach the law and indeed that it was the way to eternal life, when coupled with love. I hope you can see that the doctrine which teaches that grace makes void the law is a false one.

Ezek. 13:9 tells us that prophets or teachers who envision futile ways and speak lies shall not be in YAHUWAH’s everlasting assembly. See Isa 1:19-20, 5:20 and Jer. 5:20-25, 30, and 31.

Ex 31:13-18 tells us that YAHUWAH made the Sabbath to serve as a sign for us that we may know that it is YAHUWAH who sanctifies us, as opposed to the other heathen peoples, and also that it is a perpetual covenant in itself. To those who say that it applies only to Israel, Gal 3:29 tells us that if we are The Meshiac’s, then we are Abraham’s seed. So that one may know that it is the children of faith, not the children of blood, who are spiritual Israel, or the spiritual inheritors of the Abrahmic blessings.

Isa. 24:4-6 tells us that it is the changing of YAHUWAH’s statutes, or the transgression of it that destroy the earth, and cause it to languish. That to transgress His laws is to defile the earth.

Rev. 11:18 tells us that He will destroy those who do this.

Dan 7:25 tells us that one would come who would seek to, or actually the key word here is “think to change times and laws” the only law that is also a time is the Sabbath commandment. Emperor Constantine of Rome is the one who changed the Sabbath to Sunday. You will have to read about this elsewhere. I am going to note a few starting places to read about it.

A book called The Didache-the last paragraph on 291-292. There is a very important reason why the Sabbath commandment is the only commandment that begins with, REMEMBER Ex 20:8. This YAHUWAH said because He knew that men would forget. The Sabbath commandment is the only one of the Ten that makes no worldly sense. He knew it would be the easiest one for Satan to deceive people over, for that very reason. By the wisdom and reasoning of the world, what does it matter which day we worship on? Well, it matters to YAHUWAH. I John 3:4 and James 2:10, 11 The new Covenant was actually foretold in the old testament. And you might be surprised by what it says. See Isa. 54:10, Jer. 31:33, Ez. 36:26, 27 and Mark 14:24 If all Scripture is given by the inspiration of the Ruach Ha Kodesh 2 Tim. 3:16, then the Ruach Ha Kodesh is the actual author of all Scripture. Now if YAHUWAH and The Meshiac never change Mal. 3:6 and Heb. 13:8, then the testimony of the Ruach Ha Kodesh must remain consistent throughout the Scriptures, both Old and New Covenants, which is what I am presenting to you in this Bible study. Indeed, this is also what Yahushuah tells us in Matt. 5:17-20. This also should tell you that those who teach that grace makes void the law are not in keeping with what the Scriptures themselves, and instead are teaching license for iniquity, which is another word for lawlessness, I John 3:4. Just as Yahushuah did not come to save us IN our sins, but to save us FROM our sins, He also did not come to set us free from His Laws, but rather to expound upon them and to write them upon the tables of our hearts, that we might not transgress against Him Ps. 119:11, 33-40, 97-120, 137-144, and 169-176. So those who teach that the law no longer applies because of grace are in fact teaching you to sin.

Matt. 5:19, 7:21-23, I John 3:4 tells us that sin is the transgression of the law. II Thes. 2:3-12 tells us about the coming of the mystery of iniquity (or lawlessness). The mystery is how do you get to heaven without Keeping YAHUWAH’s laws? There are those who would state that Yahushuah only laws are to love YAHUWAH before all, and to love thy neighbor as thyself Matt. 22:35-40. But then I ask you, can you love YAHUWAH in disobedience? Could you love your neighbor if you kill him, or steal from him, or sleep with his wife?

I john 5:2,3 In John 14:15,23,24 The Meshiac tells us that if we love Him we will keep His commandments, and that His word is the word of the Father as well (in other words He speaks His Father’s words), and that those who do not keep His commandments do not love Him, Indeed we are told that His commandments are love Matt. 22:35-40. So you cannot love if you are breaking the commandments. Note: As you can see, YAHUWAH’s law is a transcript, if you will, of His character. It can no more change or end than can the eternal YAHUWAH,

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